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Championship Manager 2 (+Enhanced)

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CM2 Enhanced Recommended Players

All the players in the following tables are players that I highly recommend. They are for people playing in the top division of one of the leagues, very few will go to a low division team (some will, e.g. Gianmarco Frezza). I try to only recommend players costing under three and a half million pounds when starting off. However, some players are so good (e.g. Ronaldo) that I had to recommend them even though you may go bankrupt in buying them. Most of them are recommended in CM2 95/96 and 96/97.


PlayerPositionNationalityOther Notes
Richard WrightGKEnglandVery Young
Jorgen NielsenGKDenmarkCheap
Antony WarnerGKEnglandYoung and Cheap
Ben Roberts GKEnglandConsistent
Alan FettisGKN IrelandAlways available


PlayerPositionNationalityOther Notes
Gianmarco FrezzaSW/D CItalyYoung
Stig Inge BjornebyeD LNorwayCorner Taker and Wing Back
Bjorn Tore KvarmeD CNorwayGets High Ratings
Oleg LuzhnyD LCUkraineVery Cheap
Jean-Sèbastien JaurèsSW/D LCFranceYoung
Roberto CarlosD LBrazilBest in the Game
Christian PanucciD RItalyHe's Class
Rio FerdinandSW/D CEnglandYoung England International
Roberto RìosD/M CSpainVery Strong


PlayerPositionNationalityOther Note
Jamie RedknappM CEnglandHe's my favourite player
DenilsonAM/F LCBrazilYoung, Cheap Price
Danny MurphyAM CEnglandYoung, Cheap
Leonel AlvarezM LColombiaVery very cheap
Georgiou KinkladzeAM CGeorgiaRaises in value quickly
DjalminhaAM LBrazilYoung
Javier ZanettiD/M RArgentinaGreat Winger
Robert PiresAM/F LFranceJust Class
Juan VerònM CArgentinaBuy Him


PlayerPositionNationalityOther Notes
RonaldoS CBrazilIf you can just buy him
Michael OwenS CEnglandThe youngest English international
Adrian IlieF RCRomaniaCool even though he's foreign

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